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Electric dreams
Morning. Keen woke up again from the same dream. Every night she had a dream in which she saw a completely different world and she wanted to get there, that this is exactly the place where she should be. That same morning Keen collected the necessary things and went in search of a mysterious world.

Director - Wendy Miyu
A long way
What could be more beautiful than traveling to new places?
The outlook expands, a lot of emotions and impressions are gained, with each developed city we know ourselves ... Like the heroes of our stories: they themselves told about themselves and their travels.

Director - Barbara Taylor
She had to perform her new number, for which she had been preparing for so long, in which she had invested all her soul and love for dancing. The dance itself told a story about the conversation of a girl with the universe.

Director - Daniel Hall
Lee is a beautiful, open and emotional woman who is married to an overly prudent and indifferent spouse.
Once she finds and rescues a stray dog. The husband is not the time the appearance of the dog: because it is too much trouble.
An abandoned dog quickly becomes the universal favorite. He disappears, but his disappearance re-awakens the forgotten warmth among family members...
Director - Charlize Cruz
Love and Stars
In one small town, something happens - the train stops at the station, which always drove past this stop. At the station, landed a ticketless passenger Mia with full pockets of chips from the casino. It is not known how her fate would have been, if Astronomy teacher Andrew Davis had not offered her an overnight stay in his bachelor lair.

Left alone with him, Mia realizes that she would like to stay here for good. It doesn't matter that her lover Ethan is looking for her. Mira is dedicated to Mia in secret about the star he discovered...

Director - Michael Wilson
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